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Executive Recruitment Services

Partnering with Colin Baenziger & Associates for your next executive search can set your company up for long-term success. Colin Baenziger & Associates uses an extensive process to research candidates, market open positions, and guide selected candidates through the interview process.

Building on four decades of experience, we partner with organizations that advance the public good.

You don't get a second shot at great leadership - get it right with our executive search.

Experience and Approach

  • We recruit nationally and know many of the country's local government professionals personally. We have an extraordinary talent for determining who will fit well (and who will not) in the particular situation.
  • Our lead recruiter is Colin Baenziger. He has served as the Village Manager for Wellington, FL, as well as an elected board member for a master homeowners association composed of 22,000 residents. He can thus relate to both appointed and elected officials and speaks their language.
  • CB&A knows many of the country's professional managers personally. We have an extraordinary talent for determining who fits well in which situation and who does not.
  • We tailor our approach to the community. Once we fully understand the elected body, the community and the issues, we aggressively seek the candidates who are right for you.
  • We are reliable. We have never missed a project milestone.
  • We have never asked for more than our originally quoted price. The reason is we do not believe in unforeseen circumstances. You are hiring us as the experts and, we have a process that has been refined over time and will lead to an outstanding placement every time.
  • The caliber of our work is better. Because we have not conducted hundreds of searches and we depend on word of mouth advertising, our reputation is critical to us.
  • We continue to work with you after the position is filled. If issues arise six or twelve months later between the employee and employer, we will assist the parties in working through them at no additional charge.
  • We are less costly, and not because we do less. In fact, we do much more than our competitors. We have focused our efforts on minimizing our overhead. We simply do not have the expenses other firms do, and we can pass the savings on to you.
  • We are very adept at working with the electronic and print media. Should the client wish, we are very comfortable serving as its media spokesperson.
  • Finally, although we move quickly, we do not rush the process. We carefully evaluate every potential candidate, scrutinize their background information and make sound recommendations to the client.

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